Global Health Fellows Track

Global Health Research Fellowship in Infectious Diseases

The Mount Sinai Global Health Fellowship in Infectious Diseases is a one-year, post-residency/post-fellowship research program designed to provide physicians with the knowledge and experience they need to successfully launch research careers that focus on infectious diseases in a global context.

Global Health Teaching Fellowship

The Mount Sinai Global Health Teaching Fellowship is a one or two-year program designed to provide post-graduate physicians with the knowledge and skills to become professionals in the fields of public health and healthcare for underserved populations. This fellowship has a unique focus on developing teaching strategies and techniques, so that the fellow can effectively build healthcare capacity and effect positive behavior change in settings with human resource shortages. While the teaching mission includes working with (local) clinicians to improve clinical skills, the scope is actually much broader because of the important role that paraprofessionals and the community members have in health status in the most impoverished settings. Capitalizing on the resources of the Mount Sinai Masters of Public Health program and the Mount Sinai Institute for Medical Education, the fellows will develop the necessary clinical, teaching, research, administrative skills to become effective global health teachers.