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Please describe your experience in global health, including any relevant education, research, and field experience.

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This can be broadly interpreted as not only teaching students in an academic institution, but also teaching or training people in a non-academic environment.

Why are you applying for this fellowship position? Please discuss your specific interests within the field(s) of global health and teaching, and explain why you would like to pursue this combination fellowship.

Think of a global health project that you have worked on previously. How could an education or training intervention have improved this project? Create a mock educational or training intervention that could have been implemented by you and a small staff during your time with the project. Describe the target population and setting of the intervention, local partners and stakeholders, the intervention itself, the intended outcome, and the indicators that you'd use to track its success. The purpose of this exercise is not to have you create the project that you will work on next year. Rather, it is to gain a better understanding of your global health and education interests and strengths.

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