Dean’s Scholars in Global Health
Overview of Program Structure:
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai's Dean's Scholars in Global Health program (DSGH) is a 5 year, MD/MPH dual degree program that offers advanced coursework, mentorship, and field experiences to help prepare medical students for careers in global health. Students enter the dual degree program in their first year of medical school and are matched with a faculty mentor from Mount Sinai Global Health based on their academic interests and career goals. During the first two years, participants complete their MPH coursework. Thesis research is carried out during the summer between first and second year through the “Global Health Summer Experience” program at one of our partner sites. Students will have an opportunity to further develop their critical thinking and research skills by engaging in a year-long scholarly activity, dedicating a full academic year to mentored, global health field work after their second or third year of medical school. In addition, DSGH students will participate in a scholarly immersion experience during their fourth year of medical school. This experience allows track participants to spend additional months continuing their field and scholarly work as part of the curriculum in their fourth year.  
Dean's Scholars in Global Health Objectives:                                      
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills to help address the health needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations
  • To produce scholarly work related to the challenges of global health
  • To gain experience and a practical understanding of public health challenges in communities where resources are limited
  • To serve as a launching pad for a career in global health and to produce global health physicians who will devote their life to this endeavor
Program Requirements:
  • Students will complete an MD/MPH with a Global Health concentration during the first two years of medical school (MS1 and MS2). Thesis research for the MPH will be carried out during the Global Health Summer Experience between first and second year.
  • Students will participate in additional global health-related curricula and coursework including the Annual Global Health Conference at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Introduction to Global Health Fieldwork Course taken prior to the Global Health Summer Experience.

  • Global Health Summer Experience: The Global Health Summer Experience is an 8-10 week mentored practicum at one of our global health partner sites which takes place during the summer between their first and second years. The summer global health experience consists of a scholarly project, such as the design, implementation or evaluation of a public health program. At the completion of their fieldwork, students are required to submit an abstract and poster for Student Research Day. Global Health Track participants are also strongly encouraged to submit abstracts to national organizations such as the American Public Health Association or the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, for presentations at their annual meetings.


  • Global Health Scholarly Year: Global Health Track students will devote a year to conducting research or working on another type of scholarly project after they complete their second or third year of medical school. Participants will be placed at one of our global health partner sites to carry out a public health research or program implementation project. Global Health faculty will provide ongoing mentorship throughout the experience. At the completion of the year, students are expected to submit a scholarly product. The scholarly product may be a final report on your project, a manuscript you are preparing or have submitted for publication, or a first author abstract you have submitted to a national meeting.


  • INSPIRE Global Health Experience: The Individual Scholarly Project and Independent Research Experience (INSPIRE) is a fourth-year curricular experience that provides students the ability to create an in-depth individualized scholarly experience in their field of choice. Students spend 12 weeks working on a mentored research project at one of our global health partner sites. At the end of their 12 week experience, students will be required to present their work as an oral presentation to the group of other INSPIRE participants.


  • NYC-based global health elective: This is an option for Global Health track students during their third or fourth years, which can include work in specialty clinics with marginalized populations.
  • Students will be supervised by their Dean's Scholars in Global Health Advisor upon matriculation to provide one-on-one advising until a research mentor is assigned.
  • Research mentors will be assigned based on the student’s project site and area of interest.
Tuition and Stipends
  • DSGH students will be required to pay the total tuition of their MD degree program. Student’s eligible for financial aid will be required to apply through the standard financial aid processing system.
  • Students will receive a scholarship covering the entire cost of tuition for their MPH degree.
  • Summer Global Health Experience: students will receive a stipend for travel, accommodations, and project-related expenses.
  • DSGH students will receive a stipend during their Scholarly Year to support living expenses and travel.
  • INSPIRE: students will receive a stipend for travel, accommodations, and project-related expenses.
Admissions Criteria
The Dean's Scholars in Global Health program is a highly selective. In addition to meeting the requirements for admission to the MD program, Dean's Scholars in Global Health applicants must have some global health experience in their educational or work history (i.e. field of study as an undergraduate, global health project experience, etc). Students will be expected to have demonstrated interest in public service and working with underserved populations as evidenced by past study, field experience, research, volunteerism and/or work experience. They will also be expected to have a strong commitment to working with underserved populations as a long-term career goal.
Applying to the Dean's Scholars in Global Health program
Applications to the Dean's Scholars in Global Health program will be sent to students who have been accepted into the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Students should submit their completed applications by March 9th and notifications to successful candidates will be made by April 1st.